Empower Patient Migraine Management

Migraine Might offers a suite of expertly curated free tools and resources to support you and your patients in the journey towards effective migraine care.

Expert Patient Education with Maia & Migraine Nutrition Guide: Knowledge is a potent tool in the fight against migraines. Maia, Migraine AI Assistant provides meticulously researched data, presented in easily digestible language. Additionally, Dr. Robert Bonakdar’s guide to Migraine nutrition empowers your patients, equipping them with foundational insights to better comprehend their condition. These resources make clinic visits more productive by making time consuming nutritional education practical and sustainable for your practice.

Free Migraine Assessments and Trackers: With Migraine Might, your patients can complete their MIDAS and Take HIT-6 assessments online and seamlessly share the results with you in advance. They can also track their migraine symptoms over time and share detailed reports with you, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of their journey. See sample report.

Join us now and let Migraine Might be your partner in providing the best possible support to your patients while reducing the pre-clinical care burden for your office.