Migraine Assessments

Migraines are often misdiagnosed, leading to inadequate treatment and management. Tools like the Migraine ID tool developed by Dr. Robert Lipton, MIDAS (Migraine Disability Assessment), and HIT-6 (Headache Impact Test) play a significant role in supporting accurate diagnosis.

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Migraine ID Tool

Developed by Dr. Robert Lipton and his team, the Migraine ID tool is designed to help both patients and healthcare providers in identifying migraine symptoms. This tool focuses on distinguishing migraines from other types of headaches by evaluating specific symptoms and their impacts, leading to more accurate diagnoses.

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The MIDAS (Migraine Disability Assessment) questionnaire is a widely used tool for assessing the impact of migraines on a patient’s life. It measures the degree of disability and impairment caused by migraines over a three-month period. MIDAS helps healthcare providers understand the severity of the condition and tailor treatment plans accordingly.

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HIT-6 (Headache Impact Test) is another critical assessment tool that evaluates the impact of headaches on daily life. It covers aspects like pain severity, social functioning, and psychological distress. HIT-6 scores assist in determining the headache's burden and are useful in both diagnosis and monitoring treatment effectiveness.

Migraine Tracking

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Migraine Symptom Tracker web app helps you easily record a wide range of migraine symptoms and medications. Maintain a comprehensive journal of your experiences and effortlessly access, analyze, and share symptom trends and reports with your healthcare provider. With our user-friendly platform, start tracking your journey to better health today.