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Diet vs Nutrition

Diet vs Nutrition

Diet and nutrition can be confusing. As soon as we see a headline telling us to make sure we eat breakfast, we see another one telling us to fast. As soon as we hear about the benefit of certain grains, we hear another story about the need to restrict them and go grain-free. It can make anyone, including nutrition experts, scratch their head. To make things simple, let's start with some basic definitions:

Diet is the kind and amount of food eaten regularly.

Nutrition is the process of selecting, consuming and utilizing food substances that shape our overall wellbeing. Good nutrition is a combination of diet and other important lifestyle approaches that maximize our wellbeing. These approaches include:

  • Eating meals regularly and staying well hydrated.
  • Consuming high quality foods & supplements.
  • Exercising regularly.
  • Managing stress.
Nutrition & Migraine - The Big Picture

Nutrition & Migraine - The Big Picture

When people talk to me about nutrition and migraines, I'm excited because it shows interest in using a powerful technique to manage migraines that is often overlooked. Creating a personalized migraine nutrition approach is a two-step process:

When building a migraine nutrition plan it is critical to understand and accommodate any special health situations or needs. For example: do you have diabetes or cardiovascular disease? What about food allergies or sensitivities? Do you struggle with fatigue on a regular basis? Do you regularly skip meals or struggle with hydration?

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